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  • AirPlay40 Rewind

    Join Spenser James for 2 hours of timeless classics on the AirPlay40 Rewind

  • AirPlay40 Chart Show

    Join Spencer James with The Airplay40 Chart Show as he counts down the Top 40 songs. What will be the nighest new entry and what will be this weeks Number 1 ?

  • The Cruise

    Touchdown Radio plays you non-stop relaxing music across the early hours

  • 90's Throwback

    Join us for non stop music hour of 90's tracks

  • Love From Tony

    Tony Lloyd presents a two hour love song show, including classic hit songs from the 1960s up to present day.

  • Charting In The USA

    Charting In The USA-Country Style is a Top 30 countdown show featuring the Top 30 Country songs in the USA for that broadcast week in a particular year according to the Billboard charts.

  • Charting In The USA - Country Style

    Charting In the USA - Country Style is a weekly 2 hour Top 30 Country countdown show featuring the years of 1955 through 1999.

  • Music In The Air

    Music in the Air is an incredible travel into house, deep house and nu-disco sound selected by Villahangar' s Djs and the best house Djs.

  • The Andy Bee Show

    You never know what’s next on the Andy Bee show. The greatest songs of all time while your at work, at home or in your car, this show is for everyone playing a wide selection of tunes.

  • The Breakfast Show

    Join Craig Richardson on the Breakfast Show with great music, topical aviation chat and a place where students and pilots can hangout.

  • Dance Party Weekly

    Kick start the weekend with Lee Everest, Dance Party Weekly is your one stop shop for Dance Music from the last 30 years right up to todays hottest records, with chats from the artists and exclusive first plays as well as one of the resident DJ's in the mix as well, follow the show on Facebook @dancepartyweekly and twitter @weeklyparty

  • The Eurovision Show

    The Eurovision Show is a weekly radio programme, designed to celebrate the music of Eurovision past and present. Not just annual winners and famous past entrants, but other great songs from throughout Eurovisions six decade history are played, together with the latest news from the Song Contest World and its participants - including new music from Eurovision artists, and guest interviews.

  • The Kayden Gordon Show

    Join Kayden Gordon as he share great country music and interviews fantastic people.

  • The Lynda Law Show

    Join Lynda Law in her soul train show

  • World Country Hot 20

    Counting down the hot 20 country tracks with World Country Hot 20

  • The Seventies Show

    Join Dave Edwards for The Seventies Show which is themed each and every week.

  • The Uplifting Show

    Uplifting Only is the world's leading radio show for the orchestral uplifting trance genre, and also focuses on emotional uplifting trance, vocal uplifting trance, and a little orchestral and chillout music.

  • The Student Pilot Show

    Taking to the airwaves with a show dedicated to student pilots, we’ll tackle some common issues that students face, kick the motivation into high gear, speak to some inspirational guests and of course, sprinkle in some cracking tunes. Join Matt for the Student Pilot Show

  • Hanger Chat

    Join Dan Johnson our resident FISO for great talks, music and aircrafts.

* Please note are we are working on the final programming, the schedule may not be accurate at this point.

Aviation News

  • What Is Business Aviation?

    Business aviation is essential to tens of thousands of companies of all types and sizes that must compete in a marketplace which demands speed, flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

  • How These 4 LGBTQIA+ Leaders Are Changing the Travel and Aviation Industry

    In travel and aviation, the LGBTQIA+ community faces unprecedented challenges. Transgender pilots undergoing gender reassignments must endure extensive, degrading medical examinations and psychological self-reporting in order to maintain their licenses to fly.

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